Syria: we downed Israeli plane and missiles

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"Israeli forces bombarded for an hour positions in the southern and southwestern suburbs of Damascus as well as in the south of Syria at the border of Quneitra province", Observatory chief Rami Abdel Rahman said. In addition, Syrian state television reported that "the Israeli attack did not achieve its goals because the hostile targets were shot down".

Abdel Rahman said there are "weapons depots belonging to the Lebanese Hezbollah (group) as well as Iranian forces" in Kisweh.

The report by the SANA news outlet does not specify the "enemy" that was targeted.

Israel has struck dozens of targets in Syria over the course of the seven-year conflict, saying its actions are targeting Iran and its allies.

Israel and the U.S. have even put pressure on Russian Federation, another close ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the war against terrorist groups, to chase Iran out of Syria.

Israeli strikes on Syria "have been cut nearly to zero" since a Russian plane was shot down near Latakia, two months ago, a former head of Military Intelligence said, earlier Thursday.

Abdel Rahman said Thursday was the first time the Assad regime's air defenses had been called into action since the incident on September 17 in which 15 Russians were killed.

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Israel claims that Iran's presence in Syria as part of an advisory mission requested by Damascus poses a threat to the regime's security.

"Our air defence forces shot down an Israeli warplane and four missiles before they reached the targets", the source said, according to RIA, as reported by Reuters news agency.

"Reports regarding an IDF aircraft or an airborne IDF target having been hit are false", a military statement said.

A Syrian opposition figure familiar with the area where the incident occured said its proximity to the Syrian Golan Heights made it a hub for the recruitment of Iran-backed militias and their deployment across the strategic border area with Israel. Troops are scanning the area.

Russian Federation subsequently upgraded Syrian air defenses with the delivery of the advanced S-300 system, which Damascus had said last month would make Israel "think carefully" before carrying out further air raids.

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Russian Federation his country would continue to hit hostile targets in Syria to prevent Iran from establishing a military presence across the border.