Trump says he plans to crack down on asylum seekers

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Trump has long criticized USA asylum law, which allows migrants to request protection upon arriving in the country regardless of how they enter. They could head to the border at any time, but have not yet been sent.

"It is very important that they be able to move soon from Veracruz toward another place", Yunes said in a video message released in the evening.

The suspect in that case, Robert Bowers, reportedly posted anti-Semitic and anti-immigrant comments on social media, claiming Jews were helping a migrant caravan that he likened to "invaders". We're going to consider it. The maintenance has been known about for weeks. Illegal aliens from Central America are required to be released after 20 days in detention if they are traveling with children.

"They're playing with our dignity".

"I hope there won't be that", Trump said, but added that anybody throwing rocks or stones at the military service members will be considered to be using a firearm, "because there's not much difference when you get hit in the face with a rock".

In a meandering speech at the White House about immigration, Trump recycled numerous talking points he touts on the campaign trail - but offered little in the way of concrete ways to address the problems he embellished.

The unit is waiting on Border Patrol to tell them more specifically where they need assistance, DOD officials said. Trump was criticized by lawmakers in both parties earlier this year after his administration separated about 3,000 children from caregivers after they crossed the Mexican border.

The latest reversal comes as Mexican authorities appear conflicted and divided over their approach to the caravan.

He promised an executive order sometime next week that would ban migrants from claiming asylum if they cross the border illegally, and would set up vast tent cities that would hold anyone coming over the border.

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Congressional leaders of both parties, the state's two US senators, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto (D) and Pennsylvania Gov. Six other people, including four police officers, were injured before Bowers was shot by police and surrendered.

It remained unclear whether the first caravan will make a turn east to Mexico City, or try to reach the nearest and most unsafe stretch of border, which lies nearly directly north. Divisions began to appear about what route to take. After waiting a week and spending what remained of their $8,000 savings on a hotel, Narzilloev and his family caught a bus to Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, in hopes of entering El Paso. The Pentagon noted Wednesday afternoon that its initial estimate was for 7,000 troops at the border.

The class-action suit also works in an accusation about Trump ginning up "fear and hysteria" about the caravan by stating that some bad people are included in the group. The second group includes Hondurans, Salvadorans and some Guatemalans.

Thousands of Central American migrants and refugees are collectively fleeing north.

Immigration agents and police have been nibbling at the edges of the two caravans farthest ahead.

The majority of the roughly 4,000 migrants are gathering in the towns of Juan Rodriguez Clara, Veracruz and Isla, Veracruz, which are about 40 miles (64 kilometers) from their previous rest stop in Sayula.

There was also pressure on the first caravan. Federal police began pulling freight trucks over and forcing migrants off, saying their habit of clinging to the tops or sides of the trucks was unsafe.

The issue is likely to come to a head when a caravan of several thousand Central Americans now heading north through Mexico arrives at the USA border.

The Nov. 1 lawsuit admits that the migrants are not in the United States, but are "travelling [sic] by foot to the United States to seek asylum".