Spotify to launch standalone app for Apple Watch, beta version being tested

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After launching Spotify apps for both Wear OS and Garmin, the streaming music service is now it's testing an Apple Watch app, with beta testers of the iOS app gaining access to it these week.

As it is with all things Google, you might notice a little bit of oddity when it comes to services. It partnered with Google to give out the device to account owners on its family plan. Spotify is also glad to partake, without a doubt, as their partnerships with Google have kept them in the limelight even more than they'd been over the past several years as a premiere source for streaming music around the world. How about YouTube Music?

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We've asked Spotify if it can detail its plans for the app and will let you know if there's more to share. At IFA 2018 in Berlin this year, Google was giving away a Home Mini to anyone who queued and asked Assistant a simple question at its booth. Per-month subscription costs and laziness do that job just fine. It's not clear if Spotify plans other features for Premium users, like offline support. You have until 31 December to register for the smart speaker.

Before this beta, Apple Watch users came close to getting Spotify access through a third-party app called Snowy, created when developer Andrew Chang got exhausted of waiting for Spotify to release their own official app.