Smash Bros. Ultimate Gets Two Final New Fighters, Ken And Incineroar

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You may have caught the premiere of the new World of Light Adventure Mode trailer for Super Smash Bros.

It looks like Nintendo will be drip-feeding new characters in paid DLC, with current plans for five add-on packs each with a brand-new fighter, new fighting stage, and additional bonus tracks to underscore the action. Significantly, it also outlined the last remaining mode: Spirits.

Immediately, Street Fighter's Ken is shown as an Echo Fighter, and Pokemon's Incineroar are joining the fight. Ultimate, just short of actually throwing a character (or better yet, a deejay llama) into the game.

Additionally, these "spirits" will also be used to power up your added amiibo fighters.

To rescue them you have to win special fights that are themed around the character in question.

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One of the major features detailed in the Super Smash Bros.

This mode takes the place of previous Smash games offering tons of trophies from the represented Nintendo franchises. You can team up with another person on the same Nintendo Switch for co-op matches online against other two-player teams. The Nintendo Online phone app will allow for voice chat, and a new app called Smash World will launch sometime after the game, which will focus on players sharing fun gameplay moments.

And Ken far from Ryu's shadow.

Of course, this starting roster of 74 is still the biggest in the series' history, and Nintendo will be building off it for years to come with future DLC.

What about the sixth DLC character? What's more is that Piranha Plant's special attacks include the ability to spit poison and fire off spiky balls as well.