Red Dead Redemption 2 on Xbox One X: native 4K 30FPS

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Reviews of the game are effusive as well, with many declaring it a masterpiece and a meticulously polished open world ode to the outlaw era.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is now available on PS4 and Xbox One. That honor also goes to Rockstar Games for "Grand Theft Auto V", which earned more than $1 billion in sell-through in its first three days.

Rockstar Games' "Red Dead Redemption 2" broke records with its opening weekend numbers. Looking for one of this generation's very best single-player action experiences?

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According to Eurogamer, the video output of all versions of the game is derived from a Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) image, and therefore is not rendered in high dynamic range. We have some short videos, however, that show the specifics of a shootout and hunting, from how immersive they are (very) to how the weapons act (realistically) to how Arthur deals with high-stress situations (well). "It seems that every time we get something new from Rockstar, things inevitably change".

Another very positive review came from US Gamer, which lauded its "absolutely lovely open world" with the few drawbacks in the game being the occasional bugs and the somewhat tedious travel across the game world at times. It delivers a story full of drama and tragedy, not to mention levity and love, and it compacts it all into the most inventive and compelling missions and moments in Rockstar's history... Red Dead Redemption 2 is now a single-player only experience (with online to follow this November) only on Xbox One and PS4. "The wild card is Red Dead Online, scheduled to have a beta release in November". After following the clues presented to Arthur Morgan thanks to his Eagle Eye ability you will come face to face with the animal that has the legendary bear pelt you have been seeking out in Red Dead Redemption 2.