Now Siri will let you speak to the Google Assistant

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You can use "Ok Google" or "Hey Google" or any other voice phrase you want.

In some ways, this additional and inconvenient step defeated the convenience of a digital assistant in the first place. No matter what size your room is, how much counter space you have in the kitchen, or what you need to control, Google Assistant is there. You can even set this shortcut up to directly trigger a routine in Google Assistant where multiple commands are essentially executed at once.

The app now supports Siri Shortcuts, which means, with that in tow, you can now say "Hey Siri, OK Google" to beckon Google's assistant.

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Though this might sound complicated, once you get the hang of Apple's Shortcuts app, setting up this sequence is relatively simple. Additionally, support for Siri Shortcuts also lets you talk to Assistant handsfree on an unlocked device by uttering the same command (if that's the one you pick). Well, to use this feature on your iOS device, update to the latest version of Assistant for iOS and you can start using it right away, What do you think about this new feature?

Further, you can also set a widget on the left of your home screen that gives you instant access to Assistant, though this feature isn't new. Google has made a decision to take advantage to this, by enabling it's Assistant to launch via Siri Shortcuts. For example, if you use the default "OK Google", you'll have to say, "Hey Siri, OK Google..." and then issue your voice command. The new $150 Google Home Hub is now $99, the original and customizable $130 Google Home is now $79, and the tiny $49 Google Home Mini is just $25. As such, you are not confined to using the traditional "OK Google" or "Hey Google" commands - you can make it anything you like. Then you should see a card at the top that has a button to "Add to Siri".