Final goodbye for Lion Air air crash victims

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The head of Indonesia's National Transportation Safety Committee, Soerjanto Tjahjono, said in the meeting that the data retrieved from flight data recorder found last week confirms reports that the altitude and the speed of the plane had been erratic.

Boeing said in a statement received at China's largest air show in Zhuhai that its note to airlines underscored "existing flight crew procedures" created to address circumstances where information coming into the cockpit from the sensors was wrong.

Relatives of those who perished in the Lion Air crash have returned to the site of the crash in the Java Sea to say their final goodbyes.

JAKARTA, INDONESIA - NOVEMBER 05: Families of victims of Lion Air flight JT 610 weeps as they meeting with authorities and Lion Air management on November 5, 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The agency did not speculate on the role that the airspeed indicator problem played in the crash, saying they were working to determine what caused the problem and whether proper repairs were done.

Boeing Co. said on Wednesday it had issued a safety bulletin reminding pilots how to handle erroneous data from a key sensor in the wake of last week's crash in Indonesia.

Indonesia has not formally requested fleet-wide checks on 737 MAX jets and none are planned pending more data, a person familiar with matter said, on condition of anonymity.

The doomed jet was a Boeing 737-Max 8, one of the world's newest and most advanced commercial passenger planes, and there is still no answer as to what caused the crash.

The search for the Lion Air 737 that crashed last Monday killing 189 people has been extended after divers lost contact with the aircraft's second black box.

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The bulletin is based on preliminary findings from the Lion Air disaster.

It is understood that this is a 737 MAX problem only and there are about 200 in service.

"We are formulating, with NTSB and Boeing, detailed inspections regarding the airspeed indicator", he said, referring to the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board.

While search teams scouring the waters managed to bring up the flight data recorder, a separate recorder that captures cockpit conversations and background noise is still buried in the seabed where the plane plunged.

The news was first reported by Bloomberg reported on Tuesday.

The jet reported a discrepancy in its angle of attack sensor during a flight from Bali to Jakarta the day before it crashed.

Black box investigations into the incident by Indonesian authorities have indicated that the flight "experienced erroneous input from one of its AoA (Angle of Attack) sensors".

Certainly, Indonesian search and rescue officials had trouble locating the wreck, despite encountering a large amount of wreckage in the four days leading up to the discovery of the fuselage.

As of Monday, 138 body bags containing human remains had been recovered and handed to police for forensic identification, yet only 14 victims had been identified.