Apple foldable iPad? No, just an easily bendable iPad Pro

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Well-known YouTube channel JerryRigEverything put the iPad Pro through the various durability tests, a ritual we've seen before for every new flagship mobile device and especially smartphones. Essentially the sapphire glass lens cover is no better than covering the lens with the glass used on the front of the iPad. That is the new Apple iPad Pro. Thanks to the App Store, the tablet is everything from a cinema where you can stream movies, to a book, an editing suite to work on your films, a music studio to add the right amount of gloss to your music, and more. Yes, we're in a world where foldable touch screens may well one day be essential rather than an expensive proof of concept, but for now, Apple isn't part of this mad feature grab, and it really shows. However, the ease with which the Apple Pencil cracked in half certainly makes it likely to break if you slide it in a pocket and sit down or drop it and then accidentally step on it.

To finish things off, Nelson goes for his signature bend test, holding Apple iPad Pro (2018) horizontally and applying force in the middle with his thumbs.

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As The Verge rightly points out, other iPad models can also bend a lot easier than iPhones, so it's not like this is a major discovery. On the left side, meanwhile, there's a microphone hole. Available in 11-inch and 12.9-inch screen sizes, the iPad Pro (2018) comes with some really nifty features, including a super-fast A12X Bionic chipset, and a redesigned Apple Pencil that can now charge wirelessly.

Swapping the lightning port for USB Type-C has definitely helped Apple's cause, even though its operating system doesn't support external storage devices.