Venom Movie Rotten Tomatoes Score Revealed - And It's Not Good

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JoBlo: This won't change how you view superhero movies, but it's a great escape nonetheless.

And reviewers of the film are not holding back when it comes to the colorful language they're using to describe just how not good Venom is. He gets assigned a fluff piece on the pharmaceutical billionaire/rocket designer, Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), a barely veiled take on Elon Musk.

Eddie Brock, who is investigating the criminal activities of Life Foundation, somehow gets entangled, literally, with the Venom symbiote. The constant negotiating over bodily control is fascinating and often quite amusing, thus validating the choice to put an accomplished talent like Hardy into the role and allowing him to give two unique and engaging performances simultaneously as Brock and Venom. But each is forced to decide what side they are on, and what is worth fighting for, when the duo discovers that another symbiote, Riot, has bonded with Drake and intends to turn Earth into a host planet for his species to consume.

The story is a Jekyll-and-Hyde tale where Hardy's journalist character tries to keep Venom's bad behaviour under control. It's hard to resist being charmed by this character and Hardy's freewheeling performance as the symbiote's initially unwilling host. Director Ruben Fleischer, who made his name with the fluid and entertaining Zombieland almost a decade ago, is unable to make heads or tails of the action set pieces here. Venom itself stays hidden and mostly quiet as Eddie approaches the cell, and we see a man painting the word "welcome" in blood on the walls of his cage, which happens to be a lone box in the middle of an otherwise empty room. We get to see his softer side as he is in constant debate with the symbiote that speaks to him in his head. And also technology has evolved so much in that time that it felt like we could do a photo-real Venom for this movie.

The only thing we can be sure of is that, should Venom be greenlit for a part two, Carnage fans will definitely have something to write home about.

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While Sony's Universe is said to have over 900 Marvel characters at its disposal, Venom is one of the few who should be able to easily headline his own film.

Brock - who pays a price for his first encounter with the mogul, which also has implications for his girlfriend (Michelle Williams) - ultimately gets exposed to the malevolent alien presence, providing the movie a fleeting spark as the man struggles to coexist with his body's ravenous, ill-tempered occupant. Speaking to IGN at the Hollywood red carpet premiere of Venom, Hardy said his quote had been "misunderstood".

There's a lot of potential here though, if they made a decision to dig deeper and with Venom's penchant for eating people, you'd think they'd go for a higher rating and go gruesome.

Regarding Sony's planned Spider-Man connected universe, they have announced a slew of movies, and if Venom performs as hoped, Sony wants to connect their characters to Spider-Man, the MCU and Avengers (which is the reason it thought Venom is PG-13).

Hardy has already signed on for two more Venom movies, with the caveat that the trilogy will only go ahead if the first film is a hit.