Trump And Supporters Have A Massive Laugh About Assaulting Journalists

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Detailing his early and enthusiastic support for Rep. Greg Gianforte (R-Mont.)-who pleaded guilty to assault after he body-slammed Jacobs the day before last May's special election and went on to win anyway-Trump said he initially anxious that the Republican's attack on a reporter would hurt his chances in the race.

Trump made the controversial comments during a rally in Billings, Montana, in support of GOP congressional candidate Matt Rosendale.

On Thursday night, President Trump praised Congressman Greg Gianforte (R-MT) who infamously "body-slammed" reporter Ben Jacobs in May 2017.

While members of Congress are threatening to sanction the Saudi government, Mr Trump, who has cultivated closer ties to the kingdom, has taken a cautious stance, stressing the long alliance between the United States and Saudi Arabia. "So I was in Rome with a lot of the leaders from other countries talking about all sorts of things, and I heard about it".

Earlier on Thursday, Trump said it "certainly looks" as though Khashoggi is dead, adding that if reports are true that the Saudis killed him, the consequences "will have to be very severe".

Media Rushes To Blame Trump For Journalist’s Disappearance
Saudi Arabia has denied that. "Nobody's seen it yet, so we do want to see it. we're going to be seeing it very soon". The prosecutor received instructions "to work quickly", so an announcement could happen within days, he said.

He talked about his "tremendous success" last night and said, "Greg is a tremendous person and he's a tough cookie and I'll stay with that".

Tester is said to be one of the most vulnerable Democrats running to defend his seat in the midterms as President Trump enjoyed a dominant win in Montana in 2016. Mr Gianforte had pleaded guilty to the assault and was given a six-month deferred jail sentence, ordered to pay a fine of $385 and sentenced to 40 hours of community service and 20 hours of anger management counselling. "We should never shrug at the president cheerleading for a violent act targeting a free and independent news media". "We hope decent people will denounce these comments and that the president will see fit to apologize for them".

"All Americans should recoil from the president's praise for a violent assault on a reporter doing his Constitutionally protected job".

Rubin then noted Trump backers who are condoning his Saudi excuses by smearing her Washington Post colleague, Jamal Khashoggi, as an enemy of the U.S.

While outrage over Trump's remarks erupted on social media.