The latest news on Surface

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Microsoft is introducing, as widely expected, a refreshed model of its Surface Pro two-in-one, called the Surface Pro 6; Surface Laptop 2; and Surface Studio 2 all-in-one. Those include the Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop 2, along with the Surface Studio 2 and the surprise unveiling of the Surface Headphones.

As for the new Surface Laptop 2, there isn't a ton of things to get excited about.

Per The Verge, Microsoft has added Intel's 8th generation processor and a new matte black finish to the Surface Pro 6.

It also has the "thinnest touchscreen display on any laptop", according to Microsoft Surface chief Panos Panay. It promises to offer all-day battery life, which apparently is 14.5 hours, but your mileage will obviously vary. Also, Microsoft is finally offering the Surface Studio with pure SSD storage.

It's a bit of an odd move by Microsoft, especially since the company initially embraced the port on its Surface Book 2 and Surface Go devices.

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The Surface Pro 6 is faster than its predecessor. Specifically, both devices might not have USB Type-C ports on them. Now, Microsoft is prepping up for a big event later today in NY where it will unveil new devices. As for the Surface Pro 6, it will start at $899 for the model with a Core i5 processor.

In addition to the Windows 10 October 2018 update being launched, Microsoft also refreshed the majority of its Surface lineup today. There's also a possibility to see a new Surface Studio at Microsoft's event on October 2nd.

Microsoft has not announced pricing it. Find it for pre-order in the Store here.

Designed in-house over three years, the Surface Headphones evolved on the inside and changed shape on the outside many times before turning into the final product that will ship this holiday season (initially in the U.S. only). The original version suffered from a couple of issued though, including being launched right at the tail end of NVIDIA's Maxwell generation of GPUs, meaning as soon as it was available, it was also pretty much out of date. It is safe to say the devices have come a long way in 6 years.