Texas police identify woman, child in doorbell video

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Surveillance video was released Thursday showing a woman running up to a Texas home, where sheriff's officials said she abandoned a small child and fled.

Police said they had identified the woman who left the child but that it had not spoken to her yet.

The woman took him inside and called the police who then reviewed her surveillance camera footage. The mother asked her to drop the child off with his father because she was in the hospital.

What happened instead was that the mother's friend brought the toddler to the doorstep of the wrong home, and left him there.

Video from the residence shows the woman running up to the house holding the little boy in the air by his arm. She then rings the doorbell, knocks several times, and drives away, leaving the child at the home.

Authorities in Houston say the two-year-old boy was abandoned on a stranger's doorstep by a woman.

That friend now faces possible charges of felony child endangerment.

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Flickr Steven Depolo Fist Symphony Swedish Orchestra Performance Ends in Brawl Over Chewing Gum

The child was not hurt.

The entire incident took 23 seconds, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office stated on Facebook.

She then leaves the boy along with two bags, thought to be his belongings, before returning to a auto and leaving. Suspect also has multiple tattoos on her right arm that can be seen in the video. The auto she fled in was white.

A second short video, recorded from a higher angle, shows the woman getting out and returning to a white auto idling at the bottom of the house's driveway.

The following morning, the boy's father was located and interviewed by detectives. He was looked after by Child Protective Services after the incident.

Thankfully, the child is uninjured and appears to be in good health. The father recognised the child when he saw the video. "When the child did not show up at the residence, the father assumed plans had changed for the mother and left the home".

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