RUMOR: Sources Reporting that Microsoft May Be Buying Obsidian Entertainment

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With a ready source of cash, perhaps Obsidian will continue to put out games such as the critically-acclaimed Pillars of Eternity, Knights of the Old Republic and Fallout: New Vegas.

According to Kotaku, three people that have been "briefed on the negotiations" have said that Microsoft is now finalizing the deal between the two companies. The studio was saved from closure, however, by the success of its crowdfunded project "Pillars of Eternity" in 2015, which raised almost $4 million.

Sources close to the matter speaking with Kotaku said the deal is "90%" finished.

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Microsoft may not have that many great titles on the Xbox One when compared to the library of games on the PS4, but when given time to acquire developers of different genres the company could have quite an arsenal of future releases to fire back at the giant of Sony.

When reached for comment, both Microsoft and Obsidian refused to comment on rumors or speculation. If Obsidian is to join the likes of Ninja Theory, Compulsion Games, 343 industries, Mojang, The Coalition and The Initiative - Microsoft will have a very strong lineup to take on Sony and Nintendo. Tense disagreements between the two companies led Microsoft to cancel the game in 2012, and to some involved it was hard to imagine the pair working together again.

Microsoft has kept Minecraft multiplatform, even enabling cross-play between Switch and Xbox One players, but console makers usually buy studios with the intent for those studios to make games for their consoles, not the competition.