Police Investigate Suspicious Package Addressed to Robert De Niro in Tribeca

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Police are investigating a suspicious package addressed to actor Robert De Niro in NY.

A packet with similar content to devices that appeared to be an explosive was sent to actor Robert De Niro in the building where the actor's producer, Tribeca Productions, and his restaurant, Tribeca Grills are located in NY. The bombs were all shipped in the same envelope with the same stamps and same labels.

More pipe bombs targeting members of the Democratic Party and a critic of U.S. President Donald Trump were discovered Thursday. FBI Director Christopher A. Wray issued an appeal for the public's help to catch the bomber and warned people not to touch suspicious packages.

The New York Police Department says Thursday's report involves the Tribeca neighborhood in Manhattan. In an email to Grub, Nieporent says that "police handled it well" and that the restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner today.

CNN's NY bureau in midtown Manhattan was also reportedly sent a package. The FBI Laboratory in Quantico, Virginia, is analyzing the packages and devices.

The package sent to the actor also had the same return address as the others: that of Democratic US Rep. Trump has repeatedly criticised CNN as "fake news" and disparaged the mainstream news media as an "enemy of the people".

On Wednesday, a suspicious device found at the Time Warner Center and CNN's NY headquarters was addressed to Brennan, prompting an evacuation of the building.

The investigation comes less than 24 hours after authorities across the country began investigating a series of suspicious packages containing explosive devices that were mailed to prominent Democrats and CNN's offices in NY.

Other officials said the devices contained in the envelopes were similar to one found in the mailbox of the Soros home and later detonated by police.

Police outside Manhattan post office
CBSImage caption Police have asked the public to avoid the area where the Manhattan package was found

The FBI said an additional package intended for former attorney general Eric Holder ended up at a Florida office of Democratic Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, whose return address was on it.

The packages addressed to Biden were intercepted at DE mail facilities in New Castle and Wilmington, according to a law enforcement official who, like others, wasn't authorized to discuss an ongoing investigation publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

At a Wisconsin rally Wednesday night Trump called attention to "how nice I'm behaving tonight" but on Thursday morning he attacked the media.

According to NBC, police sources close to the investigation said a worker saw similarities in the package to those devices sent to top Democrats and called police. No postmark is visible on the front of the De Niro package, similar to some of the others, the sources said.

Trump yesterday morning blamed the media for provoking anger in Americans - but did not directly reference the bombs.

It's unclear if this package is similar in nature to others addressed to prominent Democrats and to the CNN offices in NY on Wednesday.

"Any acts or threats of political violence are an attack on our democracy itself", Mr Trump said. They noted the president's recent praise of a GOP congressman who body-slammed a reporter, among other Trump statements.

Maxine Waters: One package was sent to the Democratic congresswoman's office in DC and a second package addressed to her was found at a postal facility in Los Angeles.

News first broke Monday that a "suspicious package" containing an explosive device had been delivered to George Soros, the billionaire and liberal philanthropist.

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