NOAA releases 2018-19 Winter Outlook

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However, even that my still influence the winter season for parts of the US.

An El Niño is an irregularly occurring atmospheric event caused by the development of a warm band of ocean water off the Pacific coast of South America. It's also worth noting that the forecasters base their predictions on probability and don't say how much precipitation the US will get or how hot temperatures will be.

The weather services forecast doesnt look at snow likelihood.

WASHINGTON — Winter looks wet and especially mild for much of the country, thanks to a weak El Nino brewing, USA meteorologists said.

Above-average temperatures are likely across most northern and western states from December through February, according to the 2018-2019 Winter Outlook released by the agency's Climate Prediction Center on Thursday.

The prospect of stormy conditions in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic means it has the greatest chance of having colder-than-normal conditions of anywhere in the country, Halpert said.

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"No part of the favored to have below-average temperatures", Halpert said.

In fact, Halper said, nowhere in the expected to be colder than normal; continuing a national trend over the past several years. The chances are highest in southeastern Georgia and much of northern and central Florida.

Meantime, drier-than-average conditions are expected for the Great Lakes and portions of the Northern Rockies and the Northern Plains. The northeast and midwest are largely expected to have an average year for precipitation.

-Clearly this outlook doesn't provide any insane information for the Ohio River Valley / Kentuckiana. Here are five things we can expect this winter based on the new report! Portland averages 13 inches, 19 inches and 12 inches of snow in the three months in question, while Bangor averages 14 inches, 19 inches and 15 inches, respectively. Don't pull a Kelly Kapoor and give away all of your winter coats to everyone around your office just yet because snowfall is still a very real possibility.

-This outlook does not project seasonal snowfall accumulations.

The Farmer's Almanac said that for its winter outlook, the temperatures are going to be cold with "plenty of snow".