NBA Hands Out Multiple Game Suspensions For Brandon Ingram, CP3, & Rondo

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LeBron James advertisements were everywhere, broadcast networks had "LeBron's home debut with Lakers" on the bottom of the screen for days and their opponent, the Houston Rockets, was a game away from defeating the Warriors dynasty last postseason. The two Lakers will miss a Wednesday meeting in Phoenix against the Suns, but D'Antoni, who said Paul's suspension isn't equitable, got a feeling of déjà vu from his days coaching the Suns. Paul meanwhile was sanctioned for throwing "multiple punches" and poking Rondo in the face. "If you wanted to suspend him one [game] I get it, just to make a statement". In retaliation, Rondo popped Paul with a left hook, and tried to follow up before he was held back.

Rondo, Paul and Ingram were all suspended as a result of the fight, so hopefully Kiedis was able to escape the situation without any supplemental discipline or Scar Tissue.

The NBA announced on Sunday that Rondo and Ingram would be suspended without pay for three and four games, respectively.

Storming the court, the veteran singer, who clearly has a love for his city, approached Paul with fire in his eyes before getting ejected.

"(We are) sending a clear message that this is not acceptable behaviour and you can not do this. "It was a one point game and we had an opportunity to win the game", said James.

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There have been longer suspensions in recent years, but none for an on-court altercation than what Ingram got.

"No, it actually - we're not friends anymore", he said with a smirk. "It's a lot monetarily for the player, [and] it hurts the team". "Our players play with a lot of respect for each other and for everybody else".

Rondo threw a punch at Paul after Paul poked a finger into his face.

Rondo declined to talk about his role in the scuffle that broke out late in his first home game with his new team.

VanDeWeghe clearly indicated that Rondo did not acknowledge spitting on Paul. "I think all in all, I think if they're going to do a couple of things, we had to have the aggressiveness and the confidence and ability to fight back, so that's what we did".