Adobe Photoshop is coming to Apple's iPad

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Building on Photoshop's powerful brush engine, this new app combines powerful Photoshop brushes, precise and scalable vector brushes, and an entirely new category of groundbreaking Live oil and watercolor brushes - you've never seen anything like them. The up and coming discharge utilizes indistinguishable code from the desktop variant to give a significant part of a similar list of capabilities, just with an interface enhanced for finger and pen contribution rather than a mouse.

The app syncs with the Creative Cloud, and Adobe provides 100 GB of storage so that video shot and edited on any device is immediately available to edit on all your others. Adobe Unleashes Wave of Imaging Innovation Photoshop CC for the iPad, Project Aero, Project Gemini, Dimension CC 2.0 and a major update to Photoshop CC.

The organization portrays this more as a buddy application for somebody who regularly edits on a PC. They're extremely limited in functionality and aren't even close to offering a full Photoshop experience.

Adobe has also been working on its Content Aware Fill technology for Photoshop. While the interface stays mostly similar to the previous version, some new tools and buttons are added in CC 2019.

Adobe is promising desktop-level quality when using Photoshop CC for the iPad.

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The iPad and Adobe Photoshop have long seemed to be a ideal couple, if only they would work things out. In addition, Adobe announced new workflows and integrations across animation apps, including Animate to After Effects, Animate to Character Animator and Adobe XD to After Effects.

The idea of a full, touch-enabled version of Photoshop for iOS has been something of a pipe dream for many creative professionals for years. But it's only recently with the beefier power of devices (tablets and phones) that we were able to turn this into a real experiment inside Adobe. It looks like a great way to use Photoshop.

There's also a new drawing app in the works from Adobe, called Project Gemini. The software, which has been rumored for some time, will be available in 2019.

Currently, Adobe is showing a preview version only, with a shipping version to follow "in the future".

There's also a free Starter plan which gets you the Premiere Rush software along with three exports per month.