U.S. using false accusations on trade to 'intimidate' countries: China

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China's retaliatory levies target 5,200 United States goods worth $60 billion with new five to 10 percent tariffs, including big ticket items such as liquefied natural gas, lumber and electronics, as well as peppermint oil, pig hides and condoms. Those tariffs took effect on Monday, with China retaliating with tariffs on US$60 billion of U.S. goods.

The Chinese tariffs are a response to President Donald Trump's strategy to pressure Chinese companies to adjust trade practice which he says are damaging US businesses.

The latest round of Chinese imports will face 10 per cent tariffs through the end of the year, and then the rate will jump to 25 per cent.

The latest round of tariffs between the USA and China went into effect Monday.

China's exports to the USA accounted for 19 percent of all its overseas shipments past year, according to a white paper published by China's cabinet, the State Council, on Monday.

When the talks can restart would depend on the "will" of the US, Vice Commerce Minister Wang Shouwen said at a news conference.

As the latest wave of China-U.S. tariffs take effect, BNN Bloomberg's Amanda Lang speaks with Leland Miller, CEO of China Beige Book, to get a better sense of the risks and opportunities of investing in China.

But China was able to compensate for the economic impact of the trade war at home, mainly by boosting domestic demand and improving the environment for private businesses, the officials said.

Sino-US trade talks have been hard to proceed, with the United States putting a "knife to China's neck", Chinese vice commerce minister Wang Shouwen said on Tuesday.

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News of Beijing's decision to skip the talks pushed China's yuan currency down 0.3 per cent on Monday in offshore trade, reinforcing investors' fears that both sides are digging in for a long fight.

China's state media has portrayed the trade war as a USA effort to constrict China's economic and technological rise.

The country's top trade negotiator, however, dodged CNN's question about if trade talks are becoming pointless if, as indicated in numerous state media commentaries, the Chinese leadership under President Xi Jinping increasingly views Trump's trade war as a strategic move to contain the rise of China.

Citing robust trade data and examples of new deals that replaced lost American partnerships, the officials also projected confidence in China's capability to withstand a protracted trade conflict with the U.S., whose impact on the Chinese economy they called "unavoidable but manageable".

Walmart, one of the country's largest retailers, wrote in a letter earlier this month to U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer that the new tariffs could result in higher consumer prices at its stores.

"To improve the ability of companies to adapt, China will further reduce their [social insurance] fees and taxes", Lian said.

Senior officials also once again rejected Washington's accusations that China forces foreign companies to share their technology with Chinese joint-venture partners, adding that Beijing has passed a rule forbidding government entities from such illegal behaviour.

"As such, it is an attractive prospect for other countries, including the United States, to coexist with China peacefully".