Trump to mark 17 years since 9/11 at Pennsylvania memorial

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"The passengers and crew members came together, took a vote, and they chose to act", Trump said. "They're meant to be actually quite subtle and intimate, so that people can be there and have a very personal experience, whatever it is for them".

'We are here to pay solemn tribute to the passengers and crew members who rose up, defied the enemy...and changed the course of American history. "A band of fearless patriots turned the tide on our nation's enemies".

"We're gathered together on these hallowed grounds to honor the memory of almost 3,000 souls who were murdered on this day 17 years ago", President Trump said at the Flight 93 National Memorial in Pennsylvania.

- Flight crew members who died on september 11, 2001 were honored Tuesday morning at the 9/11 Flight Crew Memorial in Grapevine.

Memorials to 9/11 continue to grow at Shanksville, where the Tower of Voices will eventually include a wind chime for each of the 40 people killed there, and ground zero, where work is to begin soon on a pathway honoring rescue and recovery workers.

The 9/11 Commission concluded that the al-Qaeda hijackers had meant to fly the Boeing 757 aircraft, which departed Newark International Airport, toward a high-profile target in Washington, D.C. The passengers and crew "saved the lives of countless Americans and they saved our capital from a devastating strike", Trump said.

Trump noted that almost 7,000 service members have died since September 11 and - using terminology avoided by his predecessors - said they were "facing down the menace of radical Islamic terrorism".

More than a decade and a half before his election as President, Donald Trump was in New York City the day an unprecedented act of terror unfolded across our country. Another ceremony will take place there. He and the first lady led a moment of silence at the White House accompanied by aides and administration officials marking the time that hijackers flew the first of two airplanes into the World Trade Center's Twin Towers.

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Trump tweeted about the trip from Washington in a tweet saying the ceremony honored victims from Flight 93.

New York City is taking note of the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on Tuesday, with a gathering at the World Trace Center memorial plaza.

They plunged the United States into a chain of rolling wars against Islamic jihadists.

The last moments of the flight and the dialogues between the passengers, crew and hijackers in the process of struggle in the cockpit, had been released in 2006 in a courtroom the american on the occasion of the trial of the Frenchman Zacharias Moussaoui.

Meanwhile, in the capital, Vice President Mike Pence delivered a speech at the 9/11 Pentagon Memorial.

"Earlier this morning, Trump tweeted a simple "!7 years since September 11th" with an exclamation point.

'(We) share their story and commemorate their incredible valor.' He also condemned the attackers, branding them 'evil men bent on terror and conquest'.