Russian Federation to provide Syria with new S-300 air defence missiles

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Moscow will bolster Syria's air defence with a S-300 system and jam radars of military planes striking from off the coast of the Mediterranean following the downing of a Russian plane, its military chief said.

"This has pushed us to adopt adequate response measures directed at boosting the security of Russian troops" in Syria, Shoigu said in a televised statement.

Shoigu said S-300 missiles will strongly strengthen combat capabilities of the Syrian air defense due to their jamming invulnerability and firing speed.

Syrian government missile defense systems last week shot down a Russian military plane, killing all 15 people on board.

Also Monday Putin told Assad of Moscow's plan to deliver the new S-300 air defense system, in the first conversation between the two leaders since the downing of the plane. Israel, which has repeatedly bombed Iranian targets in Syria, had always been opposed to such deliveries, and Russian Federation has in the past abided by Israel's request. In a call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week, Putin didn't outline any retaliatory measures, agreeing only to prevent such steps in the future, the Kremlin said in a statement at the time.

The paper quoted security officials as saying that Moscow recently conveyed a message to Tel Aviv that attacking Syrian targets is against its goal to strengthen Syrian President Bashar Assad's legitimate government and harms his attempts to end the fighting in the country.

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Israel expressed its condolences to Russian Federation over the tragedy but repeatedly denied responsibility while pinning the blame on Damascus. Israel has launched at least 200 strikes at Iranian and Hezbollah facilities in Syria over the past years, and has maintained a hotline with the Russian military to prevent any collisions. This, and the position of all the aircraft at the moment of the September 17 incident, proves that an Israeli jet was de facto using the larger Il-20 as a cover, the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman, Major General Igor Konashenkov told journalists at Monday's news briefing.

The Israeli military on Sunday rejected the Russian defense ministry's claim that it was entirely to blame for the downing of a Russian spy plane by Syrian air defenses during an Israeli strike last week, reiterating that Syria was at fault.

Earlier in the war, Russian Federation suspended a supply of S-300, which Israel feared Syria could use against it.

Russian Federation suspended the supply of an S-300 system at an earlier stage in the war, amid Israeli concerns that it could be used against it.

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However, an Ilyushin Il-76MD plane of the Russian Air Force 223rd Flight Unit was spotted flying from Russian Air Force base in Mozdok, Ossetia to the Russian base in Humaymim, Latakia through Turkish airspace.