Here is what's new about Apple Watch Series 4

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This will make the new Watch better. It includes an electrical heart rate center that can take an electrocardiogram, using a new ECG app which has been granted a De Novo classification by the FDA.

At today's Apple Special Event, Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 4. "Andrew Moore, an emergency department physician at the Oregon Health and Science University, told Quartz the tech in the watch is 'rudimentary" compared to what you'd get in a hospital setting.

Not all models are shipping by September 21st, but many are available and now it is faster than you will get the Apple Watch 4 from an Apple Store. By touching the watch's digital crown, an ECG waveform is generated in 30 seconds, according to Apple. The risk here being the misreading of a user's heart rate, which isn't as likely to be fatal like you'd see with a subpar device in a higher risk category. Last year, Apple made a small but profound change whereby the watch, in effect, started passively looking after you. Let us know your views in the comment section below! "We are about to ship our two billionth iOS device", he said. All recordings get stored in the Health app which can then be shared with doctors. A number of hospitals and medical providers are participating.

Background heart rhythm detection- This is constantly ongoing and the watch will send you a notification if it detects an irregularity. The watch will also watch for irregular heartbeats and can detect when the wearer has fallen, the company said. The study is ongoing.

As Apple unveiled the new watch, the FDA released a statement from Commissioner Scott Gottlieb welcoming Apple's entry into the healthcare field, noting the new watch has two apps that consumers may find particularly useful. To take an ECG, the user simply opens up the ECG app and presses their finger to the Digital Crown. The watch has a titanium electrode that works with the electrodes in the back crystal.

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This was reference to the fact that it has an electrocardiogram (ECG) built in along with a slew of other healthcare features.

The heart health features will tell users if they have any signs of unsafe conditions like atrial fibrillation, but the FDA was explicit in saying that the watch and its functions should not replace traditional tests at hospitals. The U.S. Preventive Task Force recommends against ECG screening for adults with a low risk of cardiovascular disease. Apple doesn't break out sales numbers, but said its device is the best-selling watch in the world.

The Series 4 has become one of the highlights of the recently concluded Apple "Gather Around" event where the watch was publicly introduced together with the other latest Apple products.

The most eye-catching upgrade to the smartwatch is the larger, edge-to-edge screen.

Apple Watch 4 vs Apple Watch 3: How does it run? It relies on the device's accelerometer and gyroscope. Aside from Super Retina displays, Apple says both have the state-of-the-art features created to bring the best smartphone experience yet.