Google and T-Mobile team up with USA emergency services

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"Emergency Location Service in Android has made a profound impact on emergency response in the 15 countries where it is live today", said RapidSOS CEO, Michael Martin. ELS uses GPS, Wi-Fi, cell networks and sensors to give call centers a faster, more accurate idea of where a 911 caller is located. Support is also available in the US Virgin Islands, through a partnership with emergency technology company West and regional wireless provider Viya. You'll need an Android phone running 4.0 or later in order for ELS to work, but assuming you do, there's nothing you have to worry about. Apple's new iOS 12 features a similar location-sharing feature for 911 calls.

Google is finally expanding the life-saving Android Emergency Location Service it first debuted in 2016 to the US.

Google announced this week that it has expanded the availability of its Emergency Location Service (ELS) for Android to the United States. In each case, calling 9-1-1 from your smartphone will make it possible for emergency services to get your location through ELS directly, hopefully making the process a bit smoother. According to Google, ELS now provides the location of callers to emergency centers for over 140,000 calls each day.

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As Google explains, there will be no need for a separate app to be installed, OS update, or special hardware requirement. The service aims to enhance network operators, emergency infrastructure providers and governments provide accurate location information to the first responder during an emergency, Google stated. The system is now available in 14 countries around the world, providing emergency centers with location data on more than 140,000 emergency calls per day. "With ELS and RapidSOS, we can actually take action in the emergency communications center to improve the safety of our citizens".

"Wireless providers like T-Mobile have existing ways to share emergency locations with emergency centers, but this integration with ELS will help deliver higher accuracy locations faster than before", Chai wrote.

Google's location data derived from inputs from Wi-Fi to sensors, Global Positioning System and mobile network information will leverage RapidOS's IP-based data pipelines to share location data.