Four more to be inducted into PM Khan's cabinet

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Amid hope for a better relationship with Imran-Khan led new government, Pakistan has once again provoked India over Kashmir.

The prime minister said it was important for Pakistan to build dams as failure to do so would be detrimental to future destinations.

Image provides bank account number for PM-CJ Fund for Diamer Bhasha and Mohmand Dams.

"Experts say if we do not make dams we will face a drought in seven years".

"We are rich with minerals, diverse topography and four seasons and the only need is working honestly to realise the goal of making the country great", Khan said.

The chief justice, who announced the fund in July this year, had himself donated Rs1 million to the account created exclusively for the goal of raising money for the construction of the dams. "We have to do deal with Pakistan with bullets now, enough with words", said the Rajya Sabha MP.

With the share of overseas Pakistanis in the overall donation collection being remarkable, it is being speculated that Pakistani-American billionaire businessman and philanthropist Shahid Khan has announced donating $1 billion for the construction of dams in Pakistan.

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Khan also mentioned Kashmir and stressed upon the world powers to play their role in stopping the alleged "Indian cruelty" in the Valley.

The Shiv Sena editorial asked if "the man with the 56-inch chest [referring to Prime Minister Narendra Modi] would retaliate to the remark made by the Pakistani Army chief".

Pakistan's President and Prime Minister Thursday said it was imperative to find a solution to the Kashmir issue under the United Nations resolutions for peace in the region as they voiced their desire to promote mutual cooperation with other countries on the basis of equality.

The premier said: "No one will give us loans. I assure you that I will protect your money".

In his second address to the nation, PM Khan said he has been receiving presentations for the last two weeks on the looming crisis of water in the South Asian country.

It is their first visit after their father took oath as Pakistan's prime minister.

Last month, overseas Pakistanis were granted the right to vote in the upcoming by-elections.