Fortnite Season 6 Has Arrived, Includes Pets, Shadow Stones, and New Skins

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Fortnite map changes have appeared as a result of the season 6 update, with the game undergoing a makeover to coincide with the brand new patch. This isn't unusual, as Epic periodically removes items from the game in order to further tweak them or make room for new ones, but this time, the developer has vaulted a larger-than-usual cache of weapons. You can check the official Fortnite website to see what's included in each tier of the season 6 Battle Pass, and head down to the comments section to tell us what your favorite skin of the season is.

Heading into Season 6, Loot Lake was one of the least popular locations, mostly due to the openness of it and the difficulty navigating across the deep water.

You can buy a Season 6 Battle Pass from within the game and start exploring.

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Season 6 also adds adorable pet companions that watch your back when you drop in and some updated map areas in line with the spooky new theme. These seven spots are now known as Corrupted Areas, and they feature the new Shadow Stones that have been introduced to the game.

These are the most noticeable map differences, but Epic has made a few smaller changes that have been discovered by fans. Using a Shadow Stone will enable you to "embrace the darkness" and briefly adopt a "Shadow Form" during which you're unable to use weapons, but you can become invisible when stationary, although you'll also be more visible and leave a "Shadow Trail" when moving.

Have a poke around Wailing Woods and you'll come across two new houses, as spotted by FNBRLeaks.