Barack Obama Slams Donald Trump In Speech - 'He's Capitalizing On Resentment'

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The speech at the University of IL at Urbana-Champaign kicks off Obama's first campaign events ahead of the November midterms: a rally for several Democratic congressional candidates in California Saturday, and an event for Richard Cordray, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate in OH, on Thursday, noted CNN. "It's a vision that says the protection of our power and those who back us is all that matters even when it hurts the country".

But on Friday, Obama offered his most pointed indictment of the political climate that has formed under the watch of Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress.

"In 2016, voters rejected President Obama's policies and his dismissiveness towards half the country", Republican National Committee spokesman Michael Ahrens said in response to the Friday speech.

Until now, Mr Obama had been reluctant to publicly criticise his successor, although last week he appeared to chide Mr Trump, without naming him, in a eulogy for the late Republican Senator John McCain. "In fact, the best explanation of President Trump's victory are the "results" of the Obama Presidency!"

Obama stepped back into the political fray Friday, delivering a speech at the University of IL at Urbana-Champaign.

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Remember, everyone - you have to vote!

President Barack Obama has extensively criticized Trump, including his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin and his attempts to corruptly influence the Justice Department, while defending his own legacy.

"He is acutely aware that he has a mixed record of success when his name is not on the ballot", said one person familiar with President Obama's thinking, who asked not to be named discussing internal deliberations.

Obama has spent much of 2018 writing a book and raising money for his post-presidency foundation, according to CNN. One commentator sniped that it was Obama "lectures" that give the U.S. Trump. We're supposed to stand up to discrimination. He said the biggest threat to democracy isn't Trump but "indifference". Tomorrow, the former president will stump for House Democratic candidates from California at an event in Orange County, a conservative-leaning part of California where Republicans are at risk of losing several congressional seats. And after Obama's speech, one of them came from Matt Drudge-who tweeted, "Democrats lost 76 House seats and 15 Senate seats during Obama's terms".

I would not be surprised if Obama - as long as he is in IL - does some campaigning with Democratic governor nominee J.B. Pritzker.