Venezuelan leader 'unharmed' after explosive drone attack

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Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro watches a military parade, alongside his Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez, behind, at Fort Tiuna in Caracas, Venezuela.

The president was speaking at an event celebrating the Venezuela National Guard's 81st anniversary. The live television transmission was cut off without explanation.

He was standing next to his wife Cilia Flores and several high ranking military officials for the event broadcast on radio and television.

Witnesses said the Venezuelan president was apparently attacked by several explosive laden drones on Saturday.

"President Nicolas Maduro asked me to inform the country about what is happening and extend peace to everyone", Rodriguez said.

Footage of the speech, circulated on social media, showed Maduro delivering a speech before the sound cuts out, and those on the stage duck.

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According to various unconfirmed reports, Maduro was the subject of an assassination attempt by a drone loaded with C4 but was not harmed.

Three officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the case say the incident was actually a gas tank explosion inside an apartment.

Firefighters at the scene were disputing the government's account, AP said.

Mr Maduro was talking about the economy before he suddenly looked up, looking startled and the broadcast cut away from the podium.

He added: "Whoever carried out this attack, failed".