Smoke Will Make Areas of Humboldt and Trinity Counties Unhealthy Today

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Almost 600 wildfires are burning across British Columbia, sending smoke and haze into Washington state, according to the Associated Press.

Schultz said the smoke has nowhere to go and is just hanging out in the high level of the atmosphere.

The elevated levels of fine particulate matter are expect to persist until there is a change in fire and/or weather conditions.

Continued fire activity from the Carr, Mendocino Complex, and OR fires continue to send smoke into the area.

"People with pre-existing health conditions, the elderly, infants, children and sensitive individuals are more likely to experience health effects from smoke exposure".

As you're probably aware, Portland is still blanketed in an bad layer of hazy wildfire smoke, stuck over the city after drifting north from fires in Southern Oregon, Washington, and California.

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The air quality in Eastern Humboldt has been deemed unhealthy today by the North Coast Unified Air Quality Management District.

This is an air quality alert for August 15, 2018, from the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency and the local health jurisdictions of King, Kitsap, Pierce, and Snohomish counties. Those include closing windows, running air conditioners on recirculation mode, avoiding driving and closing the windows when doing so and possibly wearing a N95 or N100 rated mask.

The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency recommends people check with healthcare professionals if they have specific concerns or questions.

The free OregonAir app uses smiling or frowning face emojis to quickly show air quality across the state.

Wildfire season can be a disappointment to those who love being outside. Here are his tips for going outside on poor air-quality days. "However, hazy skies will remain", according to a statement from the National Weather Service.

"The last couple years have been a lot worse than previous years", he said.