Indicted Rep. Duncan Hunter: My wife handled my finances

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But even with charges shadowing him, it will be an upset if Hunter loses. The GOP is now looking to replace him on the ballot. Mr Trump won there by 15% in 2016. Sworn in at age 32 to the seat once held by his father, Hunter has shown a strong interest in national security issues.

Democratic congressional candidate Ammar Campa-Najjar, a 29-year-old who's never held elected office, was working on a TV advertisement to boost his exposure when news broke that his opponent, the heavily favored Republican U.S.

He earned 17.6 percent of the vote in his district's "jungle primary" on June 5, according toBallotpedia.

"Duncan Hunter installed Margaret Hunter as his paid Campaign Manager despite the protests of his Treasurer and with full knowledge of her long history of misuse of campaign funds, in part because as they discussed the Hunters "need [ed] the extra money" that would come from her salary". In April 2015, Margaret Hunter spent almost $1,000 in campaign funds to fly her mother and her mother's boyfriend to Poland and later told the campaign treasurer they were campaign trips to New Orleans and Kentucky.

"This is called a vaporizer", Hunter said, puffing a cloud out from the device. "He had seemed like a good guy".

The letter called the indictment process politically motivated. To Wilmot, Hunter "has talked like a politician", and the certified public accountant has been put off by "the way he dresses, and his ego". He got in and removed a "Lock me up!" sign shoved onto the windshield as he was driven away.

The congressman is said to have spent $1,000 on a "personal ski trip" to Lake Tahoe with another unnamed person.

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One military veteran who worked in Hunter's office said that other combat veterans felt like the congressman gave them a voice on Capitol Hill. A year earlier he told the San Diego Union-Tribune that he and his wife held the only campaign credit cards that he would be the only cardholder going forward. He said his message of affordable health care and college would cut across party lines.

"We're excited", Campa-Najjar said in an interview with The Associated Press.

Hunter said he thinks he can still win re-election.

The Republican referred to the U.S. Justice Department as "the Democrats' arm of law enforcement" and said the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the department are "a politically motivated group of folks".

"The only way these two Assistant US Attorneys were able to attend was by use of their official positions as Department of Justice employees", Vega wrote.

In the strongly Republican district, "Hunter is probably still the favorite, but not as overwhelmingly as he was before", he added. "This is pure politics". The reporter asked if Margaret Hunter was responsible for the "big charges" and the congressman responded: "She was the campaign manager of the campaign".

Campa-Najjar said he is proud of his heritage but is American first.