Gmail Brings Its Confidential Mode To Mobile 08/17/2018

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Earlier this year, Google introduced redesigned Gmail with lots of new features including Confidential Mode.

Tap Compose in the Gmail app.

The Confidential Mode allows the senders to put a time stamp on their emails, like a countdown, after which the email disappears from the recipients' accounts.

But now the feature has made its way to mobile with both Android and iOS apps receiving an update.

Google claims that while confidential mode feature will help prevent the recipients from accidentally sharing the email, it can not cease them from taking screenshots or photos of the messages or attachments. You can also Renew Access if you want them to see the message. On the correct version-and/or if the switch has been flipped for you-when you send an email you'll get notification down at the bottom of the screen.

Up until now, the feature was only available on the computer but now Google have brought it to Android and iOS devices.

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Once this is done, attach the file that you want, and send the email to the recipient. You don't need to update the app, just have a look in the menu. Along with the control options, users can decide whether they will require recipients to obtain an SMS passcode before they can access the email message.

Before enabling the mode, Gmail will give you a few options to set the expiration of your email.

In the composer, tap on the three dots button at the top right corner.

Confidential mode prevents users from forwarding, copying, printing, or downloading messages, however, users can still take screenshots of content.

The second option involves sending a passcode to the recipients linked mobile number. Google rolled out the feature for desktop only at that time. One of the key highlights, Confidential Mode, is now accessible for cell phones, however not every person is as sure about its capacity to keep your information private.

Through this mode, the emails that you send will be self destructed after sometime. In addition, the EFF points out that expiring messages do not, in fact, disappear from your Sent mail, which means they are retrievable. Once this is done, the user will see a message that says content expired. Make sure you enter the recipient's phone number, instead of your own.