Fernando Alonso suffers huge crash, flies over other vehicle at Belgium GP

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The Belgian Grand Prix was marred by a Turn 1 crash on Sunday and new footage has shown just how frightening the incident was.

FIA safety delegate Charlie Whiting believes Charles Leclerc would likely have been struck in the helmet by part of Fernando Alonso's auto had it not been for his Halo in the Belgian Grand Prix.

Before coming to rest, the Spaniard's auto flew frighteningly close to the cockpit of Charles Leclerc's Sauber, evoking memories of a similar incident in 2012 when Alonso saw Romain Grosjean spin across the front of his Ferrari.

"I flew over Leclerc's vehicle and the halo was a very good thing to have today", Alonso, 37, said.

The halo was a controversial introduction to the sport at the start of the season, with many drivers unhappy at the aesthetic of it particularly.

Alonso's vehicle skimmed over Monegasque rookie Leclerc's head, appearing to make contact with the halo system that was made mandatory at the start of the season to protect the drivers from such glancing blows.

The halo forms a semi-circular barrier around the driver's helmet in the front half of the cockpit, protecting the head without completely closing the cockpit. Alonso's vehicle was destroyed and Leclerc's Sauber likewise.

"I felt the impact and, looking at the image of my vehicle, it is quite spectacular". "Looking at the replay I think it helped him".

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"But having saved Charles from harm and injury makes it all worth it".

"When you miss the breaking point by so much and hit someone at that speed you need to think a little bit twice next time".

"What is clear is the significant tyre marks on both the chassis and the Halo".

"After seeing this, we can say the halo is lovely!" added Felipe Massa, a veteran of 269-Grand Prix starts, while former Marussia F1 driver Max Chilton added: "And people still think race cars shouldn't have them".

"It looks like it's had a fairly hefty whack".

Alonso, who was also sent over another auto in a similar incident at Spa involving Romain Grosjean in 2012, said Hulkenberg had made a "big mistake".

The German, also hit with three penalty points on his licence by the stewards, crashed into the back of Alonso to send the McLaren auto hurtling towards Leclerc.