Blake Horstmann on Bachelorette 2018 Finale: What Happened

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"I would make sure to, like, yeah, just be that man that is strong for her, make sure she's safe and guarded", Garrett said tearfully. "And when that all came out, we attacked it, because I feel like when I was liking things, it was going against what she stands for, and that made it really hard on us as a couple", Yrigoyen added.

Spoiler alert! The following contains details of "The Bachelorette" Season 14 finale. She tells him that she loves him and they kiss. "And that's what he's done", she said.

"People have been saying really awful things about [Garrett], but that's not who he is", Kufrin said. Then Garrett cries while talking with Becca's sister, Emily, and she immediately goes to tell Becca that she made Garrett cry.

From there it was time for the romantic final dates in the Maldives. With some careful elisions, thoughtful reframings, and a promise that they'd grow together, Kufrin, Yrigoyen and The Bachelorette rewrote a story about harmful right-wing troll content into an against-the-odds tale of true love. She says that her connection to Horstmann was instant and that she knows he would make the best father, husband, and partner in crime. She doesn't quite pull it off, but she does have a good chat with him and comes away thinking he would challenge Becca and be a good teammate.

With that said, Reality Steve reported, before the beginning of the season, that, though there were rumors Horstmann was the victor, Kufrin picks Yrigoyen.

Garrett proposes to Becca in the season finale of "The Bachelorette". Unfortunately for him, he faced rejection on proposal day. "Ask them, 'What can you do about it?' and if they can't come up with anything, ask them how they've tackled similar situations before", she says.

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Horstmann arrived at the final ceremony first (which any "Bachelor" fan knows is a telltale sign).

"What you're about to see, no words can describe", Harrison said at one point. I know it wasn't in a checked bag and that's way too much real estate for a carry-on. She also said that, because their connection was so solid, she may have overlooked other relationships.

She finally has her wish with Yrigoyen. He also said it was "tough" to see how his actions affected those around him. It sounds dumb, I'm a dumb guy, but you know, like, if she says "we're going out to dinner with Jimmy and Molly tomorrow" and I'm like 'no, the Dodgers are playing the Giants, we're not going anywhere'. Horstmann then asked her, "What changed?" But I just want to move forward, and to learn, and to grow, and to continue to educate ourselves."Though Becca and Garrett may disagree politically (The wallpaper on her Twitter page is Joe Biden), they didn't let their differing views drive them apart".

Yrigoyen would then arrive on the beach, learning that Kufrin had chosen him. When asked on the live finale episode if he was still in love with Kufrin, Horstmann said that he will always have love for her. Maybe if things don't work out with Yrigoyen, there's still a shot for these two ...?

It was all captured on camera in its hideously awkward glory, but there was one upside: Becca was named this season's bachelorette.