USA senators take sides on Trump's Supreme Court pick

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Kavanaugh nearly certainly has the votes to be confirmed, but that's not stopping Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., from declaring all-out war against President Trump's nominee.

"The president's nomination of D.C. Circuit Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh will threaten women's reproductive rights generally and Roe v. Wade in particular", NCJW CEO Nancy K. Kaufman said in a statement.

Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer is going to have enough trouble getting all Red-State Democrats to vote against Kavanaugh, let alone getting any Republicans to vote no. "From the notorious Starr report, to the Florida recount, to the president's secrecy and privilege claims to post-9/11 legislative battles including the Victims Compensation Fund, to ideological judicial nomination fights, if there has been a partisan political fight that needed a very bright legal foot soldier in the last decade, Brett Kavanaugh was probably there", Sen. Kavanaugh could be the needed fifth vote to overturn the 45-year precedents upholding a woman's right to an abortion. "If Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed, women's freedom to make decisions about their bodies, reforms to our health care system, the quality of our air and water, and much more will be at risk".

"Now is the time for the American people to make their voices heard, loudly, clearly, from one end of this country to the other".

In a press release, the White House said: "Judge Kavanaugh has earned a reputation as a brilliant jurist with impeccable legal credentials, and he is universally respected for his intellect, as well as his ability to persuade and build consensus".

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called Kavanaugh "an impressive" nominee who is "well qualified" to sit on the nation's highest court.

Collins is the likeliest to cross party lines.

Leaving the Russian Federation issue aside, Covington predicted that a Justice Kavanaugh would be more solidly conservative than Justice Kennedy, putting Chief Justice John Roberts in the position of the swing vote.

When Trump finally tapped Neil Gorsuch to fill the vacancy, McConnell resorted to changing procedural rules so he could be approved by a simple majority instead of the traditional 60-40 threshold.

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Kavanaugh will need 51 votes to be confirmed by the senate. The groups sent Palin to Alabama a year ago to support Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore.

During the Gorsuch vote, three Democrats from conservative states ended up siding with Republicans, and a question now is whether they will support Kavanaugh.

The senator added that "President Trump could nominate George Washington and they would all be up in arms". "In law school I learned that no person is above the law".

McGahn has long pushed for Kavanaugh to be considered for the Supreme Court, having worked with him in the Bush administration.

"I don't think there's much that Democratic senators can do to slow down or to prevent his confirmation", said Suffolk Law professor Rene Reyes. She's also said she won't support a nominee who is "hostile" toward Roe v. Wade.

She and the other Democrats on this list all turned down invites from the White House to attend Kavanaugh's announcement, which was widely viewed as a symbolic effort to keep their independence in this process. But Democrats will cast Kavanaugh as part of the same Washington "swamp" Trump vowed to drain.

"There's so many groups on the left declaring war on President Trump's nominee, even before they knew who he was", Graham said in a video posted to his Twitter feed Tuesday.

Is it possible to predict a justice's future opinions?