Stormy Daniels Arrested After Performing in Ohio Strip Show

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Adult film actress Stormy Daniels - one of US President Donald Trump's most famous legal sparring partners - has been arrested while performing at a strip club, according to her lawyer who called the incident in OH "politically motivated" and a "set-up".

Daniels, 39, was apprehended without incident during a performance late on Wednesday at the Sirens club in Columbus, Ohio, after officers accused her of knowingly touching patrons "in a specified anatomical area".

Avenatti tweeted just before 7 a.m. Thursday that Daniels would "issue a plea of "Not Guilty" to the charges.

He later tweeted that he expected Daniels to be released on bail "shortly" and charged with a misdemeanour for "touching". Prosecutors are also checking whether those women will be prosecuted, said City Attorney Zach Klein.

In Avenatti's tweets, he says Daniels was arrested for "allegedly allowing a customer to touch her while on stage in a non sexual manner".

"Just received word that my client was arrested in Columbus Ohio while performing the same act she has performed across the nation at almost a hundred strip clubs", his tweet read. OH strip club law reportedly prohibits patrons from touching a nude or seminude dancer unless the patron is a member of the dancer's immediate family. A violation is a misdemeanor.

"They are devoting law enforcement resources to sting operations for this? There has to be higher priorities".

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Avenatti told MSNBC Thursday that the undercover officers in the strip club were female but shook off allegations that any of the behavior Daniels engaged in was "inappropriate".

Columbus police said Daniels' arrest wasn't a first.

According to the report, Daniels held the faces of a female and male officer between her breast when they approached the stage. Her attorney said earlier in the day she planned to leave the state Thursday. The strip club where she reportedly performed, called Sirens, also declined to comment when asked about the matter.

He says he's confident that she'll be cleared of all charges.

The Columbus Dispatch reported that the law, in effect since 2007, is seldom enforced.

Daniels planned to be in Columbus Wednesday and Thursday as part of a nationwide tour, Avenatti said.

Daniels has filed two lawsuits against Trump, one to get out of a non-disclosure agreement she had signed in October 2016 ahead of the November presidential election in exchange for the $130,000, and another for defamation. Trump has denied the affair. In May, Trump said Daniels was paid to stop "false and extortionist accusations".