Rescue Teams Work to Free Soccer Team Trapped in Thailand Cave

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But one of the rescuers who found the group said after days without eating or moving, they may not be ready for a dive rescue, even with extensive support.

"We worked so hard to find them and we will not lose them", he said.

But weather forecasters warn downpours may soon return as monsoon season sets in.

Thailand's rainy season typically lasts through October. We are now planning how to send (a) nurse and doctor inside the cave to check their health and movement.

The matter is complicated, he added, by the fact the boys don't know how to swim.

There is no simple way to save the trapped team. Such storms could raise water levels in the cave again and complicate the supply missions or any potential extrication, if one was needed.

Deputy Chiang Rai governor Passakorn Boonyalak replaced outgoing governor Narongsak Osotthanakorn in supervising the operation Tuesday.

The Thai boys and their 25-year-old coach were found late on Monday night after a desperate search that drew global help and captivated the nation.

"We will take care of them until they can move", Narongsak told reporters, who applauded at the news, according to Agency France-Presse. "We must bring the kids out before then", he said. The men reported their discovery to Thai authorities running the search, and Thai Navy SEALs have been tending to the soccer team while officials develop plans to extricate the group.

A Thai provincial governor says the 13 people who had been missing for more than a week have all had an "informal" medical evaluation inside the cave and most are in stable condition and none are in critical condition.

Edd Sorenson of International Cave Rescue and Recovery told the Guardian it would be "unbelievably dangerous" for untrained divers to try and swim to freedom. "They did not have any solid food for 10 days, just drinking water dripping from the walls", Ben Raymenants told Sky News. "You are very strong".

A phone line is also being installed so the boys can talk to their families.

That journey takes a healthy - and skilled - Navy SEAL diver about six hours.

A leading American cave rescue expert said that many challenges are ahead for rescue divers. What are authorities doing to save them?

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A Thai youth soccer team trapped in a cave by floodwaters may have to wait months before they can be rescued.

"Diving is not easy".

Volanthen, a computer engineer, told the Sunday Times in 2013 that the secret to cave diving was keeping a cool head.

'Panic and adrenaline are great in certain situations but not in cave-diving.

A limestone cave complex is like a giant sponge, said Amy Frappier, a professor of geosciences at Skidmore College who has done extensive research in caves. And the rain is coming. They are dry, have water and hope.

Options for extracting the soccer team include drilling from the surface to create another exit.

How long could it take?

It is thought that a freak shower caused them to become trapped in the cave.

The boys and the coach are no longer alone. In the nearly 5-minute clip, the boys are illuminated by torchlight while a diver can be heard speaking to them.

If diving proves impossible, there is an outside chance a hole can be drilled into the cave to evacuate them or they will have to wait for waters to recede and walk out.

He said any extraction has to be "100 percent safe".

He started caving as a Scout, then progressed to the more risky pastime of cave-diving, where, he says, safety depends on remaining relaxed.

"We found that most of the boys are in green condition", he said.

Map shows the location where the missing soccer team and their coach were found. "In these 10 days, how many million seconds have there been?"

Rescuers are considering how best to bring them all to safety, with officials saying no risks will be taken.