Netflix Is Testing a More Expensive Ultra HD Plan

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A new leak reveals Netflix could be planning to limit its Premium tier to allow just two devices to stream content simultaneously. Sifferent versions are being tested with different audiences as part of the trial. Now, however, if you sign up to Netflix today you'll find there are three tiers and the first one is back to £5.99, just as it was back in 2012.

The company brushed off suggestions that it would change existing tiers. That we could see.

Netflix has acknowledged the new Ultra tier in a statement to CNet, though it is right now dismissing it as an experiment rather than saying that it is increasing the price of its service.

Whenever Netflix raises the price of its subscription plans - and this happens every few years - we keep hearing about disgruntled users ready to leave the service because of the price increase. Users would have to pay around $20 a more for a new Ultra plan to continue streaming on up to four.

While this makes things look disappointing, it should be noted that this is simply a test and Netflix says it's trying to "better understand how customers value Netflix".

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The California-based tech and media company previously raised prices last October.

"We continuously test new things at Netflix and these tests typically vary in length of time", Smita Saran, a Netflix spokeswoman, said in an email.

Netflix is set to post its second-quarter financial results on July 16. Pricing for the current plans are unchanged in this test, but the way the pricing is structured seems to be a way to disguise the price hike. Screens can be TVs, laptops, tablets or smartphones. The addition of the Ultra tier, if it turns out to rollout to everyone, would effectively be a price hike of around $6 for Premium users.

"It really depends on the offering, the quality of our offering relative to others", he responded. Below you see pricing for Germany.