Mexico elections underway amid disgust with corruption, violence

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Mexico's new president-elect, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, attended a meeting Tuesday with a visible lack of security, telling reporters that "the people" will protect him.

The next president will also inherit a simmering dispute with U.S. counterpart Donald Trump over migration and trade, with talks to rework the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) unresolved, pressuring Mexico's peso currency.

Just like Valdes, Gabriela Olmos, born in Mexico City, is a former Mexican national who shares an optimistic hope that Obrador can mend relations between the US and her former homeland.

"Politics in both the United States and Mexico will inevitably impact the outcome of these negotiations", Varas said.

Lopez Obrador spoke to the crowd there around midnight, saying to loud applause: "Today one stage has ended and we are going to begin another one - we are going to transform Mexico!"

"This new national project will seek to establish an authentic democracy and we do not intend to establish a dictatorship", Lopez Obrador said.

Trump has been highly critical of Mexico's control of its border.

Lopez Obrador is estimated to have won between 53 and 59 percent of the vote. Lopez Obrador himself refused to accept his two previous presidential losses, and in 2006 his supporters set up a protest camp that caused months of chaos in downtown Mexico City.

At one point, Lopez Obrador's Jetta, which often snaked through Mexico City with the windows down, knocked a member of the posse off his motorcycle while making a right turn.

But the president-elect's senior finance official, Carlos Urzua, tempered fears by clarifying that the Lopez Obrador government was not planning on pursuing major legislative overhauls of the oil sector.

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In brief remarks at a hotel in central Mexico City late Sunday, Lopez Obrador called for reconciliation after a polarizing campaign and promised profound change but with respect for the law and constitutional order.

He said the 2019 budget will include increasing pensions for the elderly and funds for his other campaign promises.

Lopez Obrador has had a wide advantage in most polls over Meade, conservative candidate Ricardo Anaya of a right-left coalition and independent Jaime "El Bronco" Rodriguez.

Christian Lawrence, a market strategist at Rabobank, said the peso was being further supported because of high Mexican interest rates even though there are concerns about a shift in economic policy.

Many Mexicans liked this rhetoric and saw in him a man who can stand up to Trump and reclaim the nation's dignity on the worldwide arena.

"When a wall is built to segregate people or when the word "foreigner" is used to insult, disparage and discriminate our fellow men, humanity, intelligence and history are being insulted", said the president-elect, who will take office in December, in a speech in Los Angeles a year ago explaining the need to "counteract" Trump's strategy.

"We can bring a voice to the poor and marginalized, we can bring change, we can win". Lopez Obrador's tall promises are also tempered by a degree of realism - he has said he will continue to negotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Lopez Obrador vows to improve Mexicans' lives by ending corruption and years of drug violence, while also reducing the wealth gap.

But the main question in the new era of AMLO and his party, Morena, will be whether Mexico-U.S. border security and anti-narcotics cooperation will maintain the close cooperation established over the past 12 years.

Lopez Obrador will take office on December 1.