IHOP to offer 60 cent pancakes for one day only

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On Monday, the chain announced on social media that its time as IHOb - the International House of Burgers - had come to an end.

The pancake giant is offering short stacks for 60 cents on July 17, 2018 from 7am to 7pm nationwide.

The California-based breakfast chain said on its social media platforms that the change back to "IHOP" would coincide with its 60th anniversary.

Last month the International House of Pancakes pulled a stunt that put its namesake at risk.

On Monday, the chain announced it is returning to its original name, just weeks after a promotion created to incorporate burgers and rename the restaurants International House of Burgers.

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Just a month after its highly-publicized campaign, IHOb is back to putting the "p" in its name.

IHOP revealed the news with a new promotion to celebrate its 60th birthday.

IHOP has since shut down its IHOb Twitter account, writing in the description: 'Hey ya pancakes.

IHOP even changed its Twitter bio to say, "if at first you don't pancake...pancake, pancake again". Still, IHOb's bigger goal appears to have been achieved: The name change got consumers talking about the brand.