Flight love connection captures the attention of Twitter users

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Holden, who is a model and a former pro soccer player, told the Today Show Friday what he thinks about the woman he sat next to.

Euan Holden identified himself as the man on the plane, though according to a subsequent tweet from Blair, "our mystery woman is still unsure about the spotlight but feels positively about all of this".

Dallas resident, Rosey Blair had Twitter dying with suspense this week as she documented a love connection she had a hand in creating on a plane ride from NY to Dallas.

A seat swap on a plane led to a viral moment and possibly a romantic connection for the internet ages.

When Rosey Blair and her boyfriend hopped on their flight home to Dallas, Texas they discovered they weren't seated together. Blair and her boyfriend asked a young woman ticketed to sit next to him to switch seats with Blair, so the couple could be together.

A man sat down next to the woman, and they immediately hit it off.


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She also notes that neither of them are wearing a wedding ring - a good sign for their potential relationship.

Seconds later, that exact same thing happened and the world was watching with them as they documented the interactions between the two strangers.

Blair posted a photo showing the two walking close together after reaching the airport.

Blair said she even bought Wi-Fi in order to keep people informed of the blossoming romance. Both are into fitness, both work as personal trainers, both are single, and both are based near Dallas. It seems social media has identified her, though most of her accounts have since been deleted.

Since the rise in social media notoriety, Holden updated his Twitter bio with the following: "Newly nicknamed 'Plane Bae'".