Trump commutes Kardashian-backed offender's time

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Kardashian West visited the White House with her lawyer, Shawn Holley, and had also linked up with Mr Trump's son-in-law and presidential adviser, Jared Kushner, who has been lobbying for prison reform.

Kardashian West told Mic that Trump "really spent the time to listen to our case that we were making for Alice". He was sympathetic to her. "Please wake up America and help end injustice", she said.

"I think Kanye's already given him legitimacy in that way", Kardashian said referring to the comments her husband and Trump have made about each other.

"It means that someone finally saw me, someone finally heard me, someone had mercy on me - and that was President Trump, and so I'm so thankful for him and what he's done".

Administration officers say the president just isn't exclusively considering potential pardons - which wipes out a conviction - but in addition commutations, which depart the conviction intact and on the individual's document whereas decreasing the punishment.

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Discussing the issue on Thursday night's episode of The Project, host Waleed Aly slammed Kardashian's involvement in Johnson's pardon. Alice has more than paid her debt to society by serving over 21 years of a life-without-parole sentence as a nonviolent drug offender.

Kim Kardashian West responded to critics of her visit to the White House who said she was legitimizing the president and his policies. "She told me that she knew that this was meant to be", Johnson said.

Kim Kardashian's meeting with Donald Trump last week was widely mocked. She has said that prison guards wrote letters on her behalf and that she has perfectly clean behavior, spending her free time writing plays. Here's Kardashian in an interview with talking about Johnson.

SHAPIRO: Put this one grant of clemency into context. Recent presidents have not used their clemency power at all in the beginning of their terms. He pardoned former George W. Bush aide Scooter Libby, former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and conservative writer Dinesh D'Souza. Nearly all of these have involved a public figure or have been lobbied for by a celebrity, like this case with Kardashian. Administration officials say the president is not only contemplating possible pardons - which wipes out a conviction - but also commutations, which leave the conviction intact and on the person's record while reducing the punishment.

SHAPIRO: NPR's Ayesha Rascoe speaking with us from the White House.