Kate Spade's Husband Reportedly Wanted A Divorce, Sending Her Into Depression

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TMZ is reporting that a law enforcement source spoke to them directly about the fact that they don't believe that there was any outside intervention in Kate Spade's death.

Saffo emailed The Star shortly after it posted an online story about Spade's death.

Born Katherine Brosnahan, Spade grew up in Kansas City, Missouri.

First daughter Ivanka Trump, a fellow New Yorker with a clothing and accessories line, wrote on Twitter that Spade's death was "a painful reminder that we never truly know another's pain or the burden they carry". Her brightly coloured, clean-lined style offered a spunky take on fashion at time when luxury handbags were out of reach to most consumers and the industry was dominated by venerable European brands. Spade won multiple awards from the Council of Fashion Designers of America and was named a "giant of design" by House Beautiful magazine.

Spade liked to say that she wasn't obsessed with fashion, or interested in trends.

"I was like 'It's Mother's Day, bitch...'" she says in what may be one of the last videos of her alive. I'd come so VERY close to getting her to go in for treatment (to the same place Catherine Zeta-Jones went for her successful bipolar treatment program). They agreed to fly in and talk with her and take her with them to the treatment centre.

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"I had just started in the fashion industry as an assistant and she was actually filling in as an accessory editor", Zee said. In 2016 Spade moved to set up a new handbag company, Frances Valentine. "She got invited to everything - the Met Ball, every fabulous event Kate was invited to - and she declined them all", Shuter revealed. "Nothing ever came of it".

Best known for its colorful handbags, Kate Spade New York has more than 140 retail shops and outlet stores across the United States and more than 175 stores internationally, the site states.

"After numerous attempts, I finally let go", Saffo wrote to the newspaper. "Sometimes you simply can not SAVE people from themselves!" "There would be times we would be in California - you know she brought me to Napa Valley and showed me: 'This could all be yours if you do the same thing I did". "I dont think everyone knew how f***ing amusing she was".

"Kate designed with great charm and humour, and built a global empire that reflected exactly who she was and how she lived".

A statement from the family via in NY spokeswoman on Tuesday had said: "We are all devastated by today's tragedy". She claims Spade was "fixated" when the news broke of Robin Williams' suicide in 2014, and she thinks she had a plan in motion back then. "She was just a cute little girl". So dear - so kind, so amusing. I'll miss our 6 to 7-hour-long phone conversations between NY and NM.

"I'm off to bed for a good cry".