Fox News host sorry for calling Trump, Kim 'two dictators'

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The details of how and when the North would denuclearize appear yet to be determined, as are the nature of the unspecified "protections" Trump is pledging to Kim and his government. But in North Korea, Tuesday's historic summit didn't even merit a mention.

But the joint statement did say the two sides had agreed to recovering the remains of prisoners of war and those missing in action and repatriating them.

Ms Huntsman is the daughter of USA ambassador to Russian Federation and former Republican presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman.

The meeting has been downplayed by Trump in recent days.

They concluded the meeting with lofty promises by the U.S. president to take care of a "very risky problem" and Mr Kim forecasting "major change for the world".

On Tuesday, KCNA wrote of Kim: "Enjoying a nocturnal bird's-eye view of the city on the observation platform of the Marina Bay Sands building, he said Singapore is clean and handsome and every building is stylish as he heard of in the past, adding he is going to learn a lot from the good knowledge and experience of Singapore in various fields in the future".

"Yeah", he said, "because [Trump] is a disruptive risk-taker, he's willing to break the usual bonds of what would be not going to a meeting like this, because he knows that if he goes to a meeting like this, he increases the chance of peace and global prosperity".

Asked whether he would invite Kim to the White House, Trump said: "Absolutely, I will". I've met him. And this is, this has started early and it's been very intense. "I also they're also very expensive", Trump said.

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A Fox News anchor accidentally referred to Donald Trump as a "dictator" on Sunday.

Trump and Kim both spoke to reporters gathered in the room. They then resumed their walk.

Both leaders first emerged at 9:03 a.m. local time, walking along a bright red carpet from separate sides of a staging location at the Capella Hotel resort on Sentosa Island to shake hands with a backdrop of USA and North Korean flags. As the cameras captured the moment, Trump quipped: "Very nice".

It will be the first-ever meeting between sitting USA and North Korean leaders.

North Korea, however, has shown little appetite for surrendering nuclear weapons it considers vital to the survival of Kim's dynastic rule.

US and North Korean officials huddled throughout Monday at the Ritz-Carlton hotel, outlining specific goals for what the leaders should try to accomplish and multiple scenarios for resolving key issues, a senior U.S official said, adding that the meetings were also an ice breaker of sorts, allowing the teams to get better acquainted after decades of minimal contact between their nations.

But in the hours before the summit, the White House unexpectedly announced Mr Trump would depart Singapore earlier than expected - raising questions about whether his aspirations for an ambitious outcome had been scaled back.