Everything you Need to Know About Fallout 76

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The game involves the inhabitants of Vault 76, one of the nuclear fallout shelters that's appeared in previous "Fallout" games. Should Fallout 76 be included there, it would mean there would be no free support from the community should any issues arise, which is a move that may irk some fans who rely on unofficial patches, graphic updates, and the like.

All of the details will be revealed on 10 June during Bethesda's E3 2018 press conference.

Jason Schreir, who is an editor at Kotaku, and first shared this story about Fallout 76 being an online game, recently made a decision to clear the confusion surrounding its announcement on reddit. With tons of rumors circling this title, it's time to sift through all the information and look at what we know about Bethesda's newest Fallout game.

Yesterday, Bethesda Game Studios revealed their latest project in the form of Fallout 76. Until we see the videos for ourselves, we can't really tell. The terminal in Fallout 3 we mentioned also placed in the vault in the nearby DC area, though Bethesda may avoid overlapping with the territory used in Fallout 3.

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"Fallout 76" is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Instead, it focuses on domestic life inside the vault. In addition, the work is expected to be completed soon with a full formal mod release of Fallout New California expected in October this year.

For several years, this mod was referred to online as "Project Brazil".

We think it unlikely that Bethesda would try to cannibalize its audience for TES Online with a new MMO, so we expect to see an online survival RPG centered around Fallout 4's base-building mechanics, or a new take on the Battle Royale mode popularised by PUBG and Fortnite if that's a genre Bethesda is looking to capitalize on with everyone else.