Women Sue Charlie Rose and CBS, Alleging Harassment

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With 27 more women accusing former news anchor Charlie Rose of sexual misconduct, a report Thursday calls into question CBS News' claims that his behavior was a surprise before he was sacked last November. In the suit, 2 of the women - Katherine Brooks Harris and Sydney McNeal, his assistant - say Rose told them they were hired specifically because he likes tall women.

The three women each worked at CBS in various capacities in the years between 2015 and 2018.

Harris and McNeal say Rose would tell the women they should become lovers. with each other, not him.

CBS said in a statement, "We will vigorously defend against the allegations pertaining to CBS News and Mr. Kadro". Rose was sacked as "CBS This Morning" anchor and PBS cancelled his interview show after an earlier Post report on women who said he groped them, made lewd remarks or walked around naked around them.

Ms. Harris and Ms. McNeal assert that Mr.

The suit alleges that Rose would also berate the three young staffers, calling them "idiots", and questioning their abilities.

Marcy McGinnis, who was senior vice president of newsgathering at CBS News when she left in 2005, said she didn't know Rose but knew he had a reputation as a "ladies man". McNeal, who became his executive assistant a year ago, said he had inappropriately touched them and repeatedly made sexual remarks.

The allegations include details of comments Rose made about their intelligence and their ethnicity. They allege Rose pulled them close to his body and kissed them on the cheek.

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Rose referred to Wei as a "China doll" and caressed her arms when she handed him papers, according to the lawsuit.

Harris claims she was wined and dined by Rose while working as a broadcast associate for one of the CBS morning shows, discussing potential job opportunities for Harris at "60 Minutes" or on Rose's eponymous show.

Rose was sacked in November of 2017 after the Post published a lengthy investigation into allegations of sexual harassment against him. The woman said she complained to PBS management and was told that Rose was harmless.

Wei has taken medical leave from the show.

CBS did not provide immediate comment on the lawsuit Friday.

The women's attorney, Ken Goldberg, of the Manhattan firm Goldberg & Fliegel, said his clients have a strong claim under New York City Human Rights law, which he describes in the lawsuit as one of the "broadest and most protective laws against discrimination in the nation".

In the following three decades, three CBS managers had been made aware of the complaints, according to the Post investigation.

"Three of them are now suing Rose and CBS News, saying they were subjected to ".repeated, ongoing and unlawful physical and verbal sexual harassment." by Rose; that CBS ".unlawfully retaliated." against one of them and that the company ".failed to investigate the matter".