'No alternative' to Iran deal, EU's Mogherini tells US

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He was speaking after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday warned Iran would be hit with the "strongest sanctions in history".

China and India, as well as the European Union, have clearly indicated they had no intention of changing their buying habits regarding Iranian crude, with the European Union specifically signaling it would make an effort to uphold the Iran nuclear deal and shield companies doing business in the country from us sanctions.

Despite the EU's official position, some of Europe's biggest firms who rushed to do business with Iran after the nuclear deal now find themselves forced to choose between investing there or trading with the US.

Maas spoke to reporters in Buenos Aires at the end of a G20 meeting in the Argentine capital.

In his speech, Pompeo gave short shrift to what the administration has been calling "fixes" to the nuclear deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

"The world today does not accept that the United States decides for the world".

The Trump administration has hardened its approach to Tehran threatening severe economic sanctions if they do no stop their nuclear program and also withdraw from the Syrian civil war.

Pompeo also warned European companies conducting business with Iran that the USA would also subject them to economic penalties. Instead he hinted, but did not say outright, that we'd start slapping sanctions on allies who stayed in the deal.

Affecting that much change in Iran's behavior may be an uphill battle for the Trump administration, given the lack of support for this new deal from European allies. "You should know that we will hold those doing prohibited business in Iran to account".

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Some European corporations, like the French automotive manufacturer Peugeot, have, in fact, suggested withdrawing from the deal, citing concerns about obtaining USA sanctions waivers.

The US list also required Iran to cease backing Lebanon's Hezbollah, Gaza's Hamas, and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Earlier this month, Israel accused Iran of firing missiles into the Golan Heights and bombed what it said were Iranian military facilities in Syria.

"This list may seem long to some, but it is simply a reflection of the massive scope of Iranian malign behavior", Pompeo said. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has slammed the speech, saying that Tehran would continue its path. So now the question is, now that the US has abandoned even the pretense of diplomacy, will secondary sanctions work? In return for lifting economic sanctions, Iran agreed to intrusive inspections of its nuclear power facilities. However, most importantly, the Obama team wanted to stop Iran from being able to build a nuclear weapon in weeks, which is exactly what the nuclear deal did, although that outcome is now uncertain.

European allies heard how Pompeo expects their support for the new U.S. plan - but he offered nothing in return, and threatened economic fallout for anyone still dealing with the Islamic Republic.

"Pompeo has not outlined a strategy, but rather a grab bag of wishful thinking that can only be interpreted as a call for regime change in Iran", Suzanne Maloney of the Brookings' Center for Middle East Policy wrote on Twitter.

Russian Federation and China - two other parties to the agreement - have also criticized the USA move and vowed to maintain trade with Iran.

Those moves to save the deal indicate the Europeans would be reluctant to join a coalition with the U.S.to negotiate a new deal.

Mr Pompeo also said the U.S. would work with allies to counter Iran in the cyberspace, despite announcing that it will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.