Microsoft Kinect is back and this time it's all about AI

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This year's Build 2018 introduces lots of new Azure and AI products that are aimed at edge devices and developers that build for edge computing. Microsoft argues that FPGAs give it more flexibility than designing custom chips and that the performance it achieves on standard Intel Stratix FPGAs is at least comparable to that of custom chips. Diane Bryant, a former Intel executive who is now at Google's cloud, told Wired that Microsoft was the reason Intel bought Altera. The company says that connected smart devices are taking over homes and businesses globally with over 20 billion devices expected by 2020.

Microsoft has teased this earlier, but today at Build 2018 Microsoft made it official - there are now 700 million PCs running Windows 10, up from 600 million in November 2017.

Microsoft's Build 2018 developer conference kicks off today, and the first day is all about AI and the intelligent edge.

In addition to the SDK for Windows, Microsoft and DJI are collaborating to develop commercial drone solutions using Azure IoT Edge and AI technologies for customers in key vertical segments such as agriculture, construction, and public safety.

Microsoft also announced at Build a partnership with Qualcomm Technologies to create a vision AI developer kit that runs Azure IoT Edge.

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The other side of the coin is the Intelligent Cloud side, where Microsoft is promoting new features coming to Azure, such as Project Kinect for Azure, which packages several sensors, including their new depth camera, with onboard compute.

Nadella talked about Microsoft's Project Kinect for Azure, and said that the new hardware device has "some of the best skeletal tracking object recognition", which could make it useful as a tool to incorporate on drones so they can avoid obstacles.

While much of what they are talking about has little to do with lowly PC, there are still a few nuggets of interesting information for Windows 10 and the PC.

Meanwhile, the Android version of the Microsoft Launcher app will include support for discovery of line-of-business apps, as well as IT advisement on configuration, for enterprise users. This new experience will begin to roll out in the Windows Insider Program soon.

The feature lets you pick up where you left off across multiple devices.