Mass shooting in Australia: Seven people dead

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Australia experienced the country's worst mass killing in two decades on Friday, when seven people - 3 adults and four children - were discovered dead in a mass murder.

"The loss of any life is tragic, but four children and three adults, this is a significant tragedy", he said.

After being alerted by a phone call before dawn, police found the bodies and two guns at the property, Western Australia state Police Commissioner Chris Dawson said.

Philip Alpers, a Sydney College gun coverage analyst, stated the tragedy gave the impression to be the worst mass capturing in Australia since a lone gunman killed 35 in Tasmania state in 1996, prompting the nation to introduce robust gun controls. The U.S.'s worst mass shooting took place in Las Vegas in October, where nearly 60 people were killed and over 500 injured.

The commissioner has urged anyone with any information about the horrific incident to contact the police immediately.

He said homicide detectives were helping police. Other posts from people who knew the family made pointed comments about the ex-partner.

The media film the Osmington property from a police roadblock.

He said two firearms were found at the scene, and victims suffered gunshot wounds.

He said police were tipped off by a man connected to the property but did not elaborate. "It's not fair. It's not fair", she said.

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About 5.15am police were called to a residence near the south west town in Western Australia.

"You can imagine this warm, motherly person who's always smiling", she said, "always generous and brings fresh baked scones to everything".

"My thoughts are with the family and friends of the victims, and also with the first responders and investigators as they piece together this tragic set of circumstances", he wrote on Twitter.

Osmington is a small rural community with some 135 residents.

It will run Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 1pm to 3pm at the Margaret River Community as is open to anyone.

"They were a very socially aware family, doing their best to create a safe community, and that is why it is so shocking to think that could be destroyed so quickly", she told broadcaster ABC.

He added: "This devastating tragedy will little question have an enduring impression on the households involved, the entire group and, specifically, the native communities in our southwest", he added.

Osmington is a group of some streets, farms, horse studs, trip lodging and vineyards supplying the premium winemaking district often known as Margaret River.