Macron calls friend Trump, angry over his Iran nuclear move

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Iran supports Hezbollah and local militia groups that are fighting against American- and Saudi-backed militias in Syria. Aside from the mounting military tensions between Iran and Israel, oil prices are rising on the uncertainty.

Following the incident, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov warned that "the current increased tensions between Israel and Iran with their exchange of rocket fire is unsafe, as it distracts from the fight against Daesh terrorists, hampers the political settlement of the situation in Syria". However the rapid velocity of violence in between the two nations is cause for issue. But others believe Trump made the right decision. It's anybody's guess how far things might now go.

"The exit from the Iran deal... marks the biggest rupture in transatlantic relations since the end of the Cold War and mocks the west's efforts to uphold a rules-based order", The Financial Times writes.

Iran and its allied Shia Muslim militias back Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. "And they see their capability to threaten Israel from next door as a prospective deterrent versus an enduring local opponent".

That's unacceptable to Israel.

Iran has also said the attacks on Syria had been launched on "invented pretexts". The enrichment of Uranium is a requirement for producing nuclear weapons. Iran threatened retaliation last month after an Israeli strike killed seven Iranian soldiers last month, but it had never directly struck back against Israel - at least not until after Trump's announcement.

"We expect Iran will continue to implement the Additional Protocol and cooperate with the IAEA whether or not the JCPOA remains in place", one senior administration official said. Thanks to investments, mainly from Russian Federation and European Union countries, the Republic of Iran regained stability and was able to stick to the Deal. "Now that they have done so, I assume that the gloves are off for the Iranians, and it makes mutual military escalation between the Israelis and the Iranians much more likely". It also does not have a plan for how else to pressure Iran.

"The Iranians, I should tell you, are suspicious that with Pompeo on one side and Bolton on the other side, the next step, they suspect, might be a cautious waiting for the slightest mistake. that will lead to [an] American strike on their nuclear assets", said Barak.

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What we just did was give ourselves more options that are nonmilitary. The U.S. withdrawal from the agreement comes despite the fact that, by all accounts, it has successfully reined in Iran's nuclear program, extending the breakout time Iran would need to develop a bomb to more than a year.

"The nuclear accord belongs to the whole of the global community", she said.

The possibility of a nuclear arms race in a progressively fractured and unpredictable area is frightening.

During a visit to Washington in late April, Macron floated the idea of a broader deal that would address Iran's ballistic missile program and wider role in the region. In Trump, though, Netanyahu has an ally who shares his aggressiveness.

The possible collapse of a deal which had promised to keep Iran in check comes as Israel attacked Iran's military installations in Syria. Under the Obama Administration, the response was, No. "Under President Trump, and with the emerging condominium of interests between the Saudi's and the Israeli's, the possibility of war between Israel and Iran is rising".

And if that occurs, Trump may discover himself not able to avoid of the battle.

So the worst-case circumstance might not be a harsh local war with countless lives on the line. "Resistance is the only way to confront these enemies, not diplomacy".

That key regional allies Israel and Saudi Arabia back Trump's decision should indicate a possible opening to reshape the worldwide landscape against the direction the Iranian regime demands.