Liquid chocolate spillage closes Polish motorway

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Tonnes of liquid chocolate has been spilt on a Polish highway.

A tanker truck turned a stretch of highway into Poland's sweet spot when it spilled 12 tons of liquid chocolate after crashing through a traffic barrier.

Six lanes of the A2 motorway in the country's west were cut off by an overturned truck and its delicious cargo.

The driver was taken to hospital with a broken arm - nobody else was hurt.

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Passing vehicles left chocolate tyre marks across several kilometres before authorities closed down the road.

"The cooling chocolate is worse than snow", senior firefighter Bogdan Kowalski said.

"We contacted the manufacturer of chocolate and came to the conclusion that to eliminate the consequences of the accident, we should use a washer with warm water". TVN24 also noted that the cleanup spans more than a mile, since in the aftermath of the crash, drivers simply drove through it, leaving a long chocolate trail.