Instapaper shuts down temporarily in Europe, unprepared for GDPR

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Previously, if you decided you no longer wanted your Apple ID, it was ok for Apple to disable it but then hold onto all your data so that it could re-enable it at a later date if you changed your mind. Some of these state that they will never be allowed to email you again unless you click a button to opt-in, while others say nothing will change, and simply have a prominent link to unsubscribe.

What Does the GDPR Do?

You also need to establish where the data came from, why you have it, where it is, who has access to it, who you share it with, whether it is protected and whether you still need it.

Requests for consent must be concise, transparent, intelligible, and in clear and plain language.

A top priority for them, she said, is to respond quickly if somebody requests access to their personal information or corrections to what's on file about them - both rights recognized by the GDPR.

"Known as Data Subject Rights, they include the right to know what data we collect about you, to correct that data, to delete it and even to take it somewhere else". Companies have one month to comply.

In terms of the regulations companies are obliged to conduct data protection impact assessment where data processing is likely to result in high risks for the rights and freedoms of individuals, says Gunning.

And even if they don't understand exactly how to comply with the new rules - because they are a little bit vague - experts say that they at least have to make a good-faith effort to get consent from people in the European Union to collect and use their information.

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We've all received emails from companies asking to stay in touch with us for weeks now, but why is it happening?

Studies suggest that many companies are not ready for the new rules. Violators face fines of up to 20 million euros ($24 million) or 4 percent of annual global revenue, whichever is greater.

The group NOYB.EU - which stands for "none of your business" - claims its action could force the USA internet giants to pay up to 7 billion euros ($8.2 billion).

What Does the GDPR Mean for Americans?

GDPR comes into force at the right time, with privacy and data protection now high on the political agenda thanks to a number of recent data governance scandals. It applies to any business that processes the information of anyone located in the EU. In that case, it's often hard to tell when a company is just covering its own ass for totally normal purposes or planning to do something nefarious, and that ambiguousness isn't exactly an accident.

This, however, doesn't mean that the GDPR won't affect you. The only situation in which a company needs to ask for additional consent is when it sends marketing emails to contacts that are not existing customers.

The None Of Your Business (noyb) privacy rights group, founded by Max Schrems, also accused Google, Facebook, and Facebook subsidiaries WhatsApp and Instagram of violating the GDPR due to the companies "forcing" users to consent to their new terms.

Your positive opt-in is based on the information presented to you at the time, so it shouldn't later be used for anything you didn't sign up to.