Giuliani contradicts White House on AT&T merger, then backtracks

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A key Democratic senator is joining at least one other lawmaker Friday in requesting that pharmaceutical giant Novartis turn over documents relating to President Donald Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen.

"To be clear, everything we did was done in line with the law and wholly valid", Stephenson wrote.

News of AT&T's overtures to Avenue sheds additional light on its government relations strategy early in the Trump administration-which included its hiring of Cohen through an anonymous shell company, a decision that resulted in the ouster of a senior AT&T executive on Friday. One of the company's big issues is its $85 billion buy of Time Warner, which it desperately wants to go through. The Justice Division filed swimsuit final yr in search of to dam the deal, and a decide is anticipated to rule on the matter in June.

During his first few days as counsel to the president, the former NY mayor made a huge unforced error on Fox News, telling Sean Hannity that Trump reimbursed Michael Cohen for his $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels in 2016.

Essential Consultants paid US$130,000 to Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, days before the 2016 presidential election as part of a nondisclosure agreement that barred her from discussing an alleged sexual encounter with Trump. Trump has denied her allegations. But Weinstein says the judgement used to hire Cohen, of all people, is bad optics for the company.

Michael Avenatti, lawyer and spokesperson for grownup movie star Stormy Daniels, listens to a reporters' query throughout an interview at The Related Press, March 21, 2018, in NY.

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Giuliani told that the Associated Press that it failed to look Cohen took some actions to progress the interests of all the businesses which paid him failed to speak to this president on their behalf.

The new information about Cohen's business ventures comes just weeks after Federal Bureau of Investigation agents raided his home, office and hotel room, seizing financial records and his electronic devices. But lawyers for the president and Cohen agreed there should be no contact.

AT&T paid Essential Consultants LLC, a firm set up by Cohen, a total of $600,000 over 2017 for advice on working with the Trump administration.

The lobbying group will, for now, report to General Counsel David McAtee. Both companies said they cooperated fully and consider the matters closed, but that hasn't stopped Avenatti. But Cohen's hiring has proven to be an embarrassment for AT&T.

The president has denied Daniels' claims.

But, Giuliani stated he believes Cohen does not even deserve the criticism he's taking from a number within the media as well as in political circles. Last year, AT&T spent almost $17 million on federal lobbying, the third highest among companies.